Jasper National Park, June 15, 2018

After breakfast at our motel and checking out, we started for Maligne Lake.  It is a bit of a distance from Jasper town, but the scenery was excellent.  We arrived at Maligne Lake and walked a little on the shore then went into the dining room to warm up and get some coffee.  There is a 1-1/2 hour cruise available that takes you up the lake but we realized that we didn't really have the time to take it without having a really late return to Banf


Yoho, Kootenay National Parks, June 13, 2018

Today, we decided to visit some other smaller national parks adjacent to Banff National Park.  There are two just west.  We started to make a grand loop through Kootenay and then up the Columbia River valley to Yoho but we realized that this would be a very long day.  We changed our plans and drove into Kootenay to see the sights just across the pass, then retrace our path back to Banff and up to Yoho.


Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, and Tramway, Banff National Park, June 12, 2018

On day two of our trip, we took the advice of the fine fellow at the Visitor Centre and went straight to Moraine Lake.  We arrived at about 8:15 am to find that the parking lot was already full.  After waiting to drive through the lot, I dropped Jennifer and Leslie at the entrance, then went looking for a parking space.  Fortunately, just after that, an RV pulled out and provided parking space for another car and me, very close to the lake.



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