Joshua Tree National Park, Day 2

We started the day by going to Split Rock and taking the 2 mile loop there.  We were told that there were still wildflowers there, and the report was right.  Although they were not stunning, there was a lot of variety and flowers all along the trail.

We went out to Keys View for a great look toward Coachella Valley and beyond.  If the smog were less, you can see to Mexico, but there was enough haze to limit visibility.  Still a great view.

We then went to Quail Springs for lunch.  It is a very nice picnic area next to a large rock that some were using for rock climbing.  It didn't look as challenging as some, but it would be great for beginners.

We went to Cap Rock and took the short loop there.  A nice walk through the desert - like all the walks here.  There were good exhibits along the way to explain what we were seeing.  Cap Rock is a rock on top of a much bigger rock that looks like the brim of a baseball cap, hence the name.

Then we went to Barker Dam.  It was a small natural lake that was dammed twice to provide water for cattle before the national park.  But the climate here has changed over the last century, and where they used to get 10 inches or so of rain, they now get about 3.  The reservoir was dry, but it was a fun hike.  It is getting rather hot in the desert, so we are about hiked out for today.

We drove out of the park through the West Entrance and stopped at the Joshua Tree Visitor Center (in the town of Joshua Tree).  We got a joshua tree seed to try planting when we get home and a constellations book to learn more about the constellations we will see once we get away from the city lights.

Back to camp for grocery shopping and laundry, things you have to do to stay reasonably clean and well fed.  We are making lots of use of our propane grill on the trip.  A dinner of steak or chicken and a salad is much better than canned beef stew.  We are eating well on this trip.

The RV park WiFi still doesn't work....