Glacier National Park - East side - 1

We broke camp at the delightful Glacier Campground and traveled east to the east side of Glacier NP.  As we drove, we planned to visit Two Medicine area by driving up route 49.  When we got to the intersection, we found a sign posted that the vehicle length was restricted to 21 feet.  With the Jeep plus trailer, we are more like 35 feet, so we had to find an alternate.  As it turned out, we continued on route 2 to Browning then up 89 to the park.  This was good as this road was much straighter and more level than Rt 49 would have been, and we were treated to a great view of the NP from the road.  This is the way to approach Glacier NP to get awed by its beauty, not from the west side where you see forest until you climb up Going to the Sun Road.

We drove straight to our campground, Johnson's of St Mary.  They had us booked into one site for one night then wanted us to move to another site for the next two nights.  I complained, and they managed to find a way to put us in one site for three nights. This is an OK campground, but that's all I can say.  At least, so far, the WiFi works and the sewer connection is downhill. But we are on the side of a hill in the sun, and the sites are as close together as we have seen at any RV park.  At least today, it isn't hot and we do have A/C if needed.  We are at 4,550 feet elevation so it shouldn't be too warm.  Our site, site 41, didn't have a picnic table and we would like one, so I asked at the office, and they said they would bring one right up.  We went to see Two Medicine (more on that later) and when we returned, there was a picnic table - with no benches.  At least we have a piace to put our propane grill but we will be eating in the trailer until I can get benches.

After parking the trailer, we drove to Two Medicine.  It was down the route with the length restriction.  I didn't see anything to restrict it to 21 feet but the road was in bad shape with lots of places where the road had sunk and had been poorly repaired so I was glad we didn't try to pull the trailer.

Two Medicine is located along three large lakes.  It's a very nice spot with the mountain hillsides extending from the lakeshore way up there.  Very pretty.  

We walked to Running Eagle Falls.  The falls comes out of the rock rather than over the rock down to the creek so it was really different.  A picture we saw at the parking lot looked like in wetter times, the water flows both out of the rock and over the rock, which would be great to see.

Then we walked along Two Medicine Lake (the middle lake) and went to Paradise Point, on the shore.  I have no idea why it is named Paradise Point as it is just a small gravel beach.  But a nice walk anyway.  The ranger had recommended going on to another waterfall but we decided we had seen enough running water for the day. They offer a boat tour of the lake but the water was really choppy so it didn't look like a good time to us.  At that point, it was getting late so we returned to our campsite.