Yellowstone National Park - 1

We arrived last night in Yellowstone NP after a very long day of driving.  We drove 487 miles in 10 hours to go from Glacier NP to Yellowstone NP.  We try to drive no more than 400 miles in a day, but we didn't want to spend an extra day traveling for 87 miles, so we made it through the long day.

 We decided to start by going directly to Old Faithful and see Old Faithful, of course, and some of the other geothermal activity in the area.  There is a lot of it. In addition to Old Faithful, which we saw erupt twice, we walked through Geyser Hill and its many features, and after a bit of a walk, we walked back to the village area to have lunch and go back to camp.  

Laundry awaited us, and if you don't have clean clothes to wear, the day can be miserable. We are learning that we need to program in laundry times.  We were able to do it in Idaho after we arrived at our overnight stop as we didn't have too long a travel day, but we weren't so fortunate this time.  The park can get pretty crowded during mid-day, so we saw some of the park, then did laundry, then saw some more when we hoped the crowds would be less.  

It worked, mostly.  

We went to see the Mud Volcano area and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone after finishing our laundry, but we realized that the sun was too low to get a good view of the falls, and good photos. We scoped the area and will return tomorrow morning to see it when the light will be much better.  Still, this Grand Canyon is grand and we look forward to seeing it in better light tomorrow.

We are staying in the Fishing Bridge RV Park in Yellowstone.  It is the only campground in the park with hookups. It does provide those nice hookups but the sites are amazingly close to each other. We suspect that they built the campground with nice rows of trees between each row of campsites so that they wouldn't have to spend so much installing the utilities.  It would have been much nicer if they had put sites twice as far apart and used those buffer rows for campsites.