Olympic National Park, West side

After spending a few days at the north side of the park, we moved around to camp at Kalaloch campground, a really nice campground on the bluff above the Pacific Ocean near the southwest corner of the park.  We didn't know what to expect as it was a national park campground, which are always nice, but we had been camping in parks with hookups.  Although we had no hookups, we really liked the campground and didn't care that it was so shady that our solar panel coundn't recharge our batteries.  After two nights, we still had plenty of capacity.  We did scout out sunnier sites in case we go back there.  

After arriving and getting settled, we drove to the Hoh Rain Forest visitor center, and took several of the hikes through the (rain) forest there.  They call it a rain forest because of the very large annual rainfall there, and the flora shows it.  


We had gotten a tide chart from a ranger so we planned to go to the beach during the next low tide.  We ended up at Beach 4 which was great.  We arrived about an hour before low tide, so we could explore without getting our feet unexpectedly wet.  The tide pools are always fun to explore.