A Kitchen Counter extension

There is precious little counter space in the kitchen.  We opted for a 3 burner stove and now wish we had gotten the 2 burner stove turned to maximize counter space.  So what to do?  We had been putting some items like pots and plates on the bed just behind the stove but that is not very satisfactory.  We decided to build an extension counter to be attached just behind the stove.  I reserached what others had done on the Escape Trailer forum, and then arrived at this design.


Mod: small shelf

We have a travel alarm that we have used for years.  If you push on the front of it, a blue light turns on and you can see the time.  That's handy at, say, 4 am.  In our new trailer, there wasn't a convenient place to put it that is handy to the bed.  We perched it on top of the stove, but that was not a good location.

When I built the spice rack, I had some leftover oak.  It looked like the perfect solution to our need.  I built a very simple shelf that could hold the travel clock and a few other things, like eyeglasses.


Mod: Spice Rack

Jenn looked for a spice rack to add to our trailer.  After her online search, we felt that the available racks didn't fit well, or wasted too much space. So I designed and built a spice rack to fit inside the door under the sink.  I measured a number of our jars of spices and found that they were consistent in size, so I designed a rack that will hold up to 14 jars of spices in two rows.  I built it from oak to match the existing wood of the trailer.  I found some 1/4" and 1/2" thick pieces of oak at Home Depot, and cut them to size and glued the rack together.


Our first mods

When you get a trailer or other RV, you find things that you would like to modify.  We call them mods.  So here are our first batch of mods to our Escape trailer.



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