National Park

Yellowstone National Park - 3

Today was geyser day at Yellowstone for us.  We toured the rest of the geyser basins around Old Faithful, the Upper and Lower Geyser Basins. We started at the Black Sand Basin which is about a mile from Old Faithful. I did my best to name these geysers and other hot features accurately, but probably got some of them wrong.  But as Jennifer said, we saw things that bubble, stink, and squirt.  And that just about sums up hot pools, fumaroles, and geysers.


Glacier National Park - East side - 3

Today, we drove to Many Glacier, a valley in the northeast park of Glacier National Park.  I assume it was named because at one time, there were many glaciers there.  Today, many have disappeared although there are still some to see and to hike to. We didn't hike to any glaciers today because of the distance.  We did hike to Redrock Falls, which were much closer and a hike we felt we could do.  And we did.  The trail takes you through a forest and past two lakes.


Mount Rainier National Park - Paradise

We are in Mount Rainier National Park with two of my sisters and a cousin and their families.  For the last 3 days, we have been seeing the park around Paradise.  What an appropriate name! We have also enjoyed seeing one sister's new property, 8 acres adjoining the National Park with two cabins up the hillside.  It's a lovely place and I am sure they will enjoy it for many years.


Grand Canyon National Park

There's a good reason it's called the Grand Canyon.  It is really grand.  The canyon is really unbelievablhy large.  We approached the park from the east, and drove through the Little Canyon area on the way.  It's pretty large and spectacular.  And then you get to the Grand Canyon.  You just have to stop and gawk.  It is so large, wide and deep.


Mesa Verde National Park

In the southwest United Stated, there are lots of places where you can see ruins of ancient people's dwellings.  Mesa verde National Park holds, for me, a unique position in these.  You can see many ruins, and can actually walk through some of them, including dwellings on flat ground and in the side of cliffs.

Mesa Verde is on a mesa, of course, and is at the side of a valley.  Across the valley, we saw several mountain ranges with sno covered peaks.



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