Why "Blanquillo?"

We decided to name our new Escape 19 trailer "Blanquillo."  This is Spanish for "little white thing."  We originally thought about naming it "huevo nuevo"  as I like the alliteration, but I found that "huevo" means "egg" but also is often used for "ball" as in testicle.  That seemed too crude for us.  The Urban Slang Dictionary suggested "blanquillo" as an alternative, more polite term.


Camping from a tent to a fiberglass trailer

I started camping with my parents first in a tent then in a 1958 Tour-a-home stick built Trailer (a trailer made with a wood frame covered with aluminum sheet). The Tour-a-home was a park model, that is, it was built only for connecting to utilities in an RV park.  My dad modified it to be self-contained, installing gas and water systems.

Our family of 6 toured the country from Maine to San Diego and we loved it.



We sold our vintage trailer.  It was great but a recent long trip showed us that we needed something larger and fully self contained.  We could have gotten a larger vintage trailer but we would have to make it self contained as that didn't happen in vintage days.  So we decided to get a new trailer.  After research, we decided to get an Escape 19, a fiberglass body trailer that is about the same weight as our 16 foot vintage trailer but 3 feet longer and fully self contained.  Escape trailers are very popular and the maker is small so there is a long waiting list.



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