Zion National Park

After visiting Bryce Canyon, we drove a short distance to Zion National Park.  The two parks could not be more different but each is special.  The major feature part of the park is Zion Canyon where the Virgin River flows, and it has several other parts that are also spectacular.  

Kodachrome Basin State Park

Kodachrome Basin State Park is about 25 miles from Bryce Canyon NP.  It has some similar features but is also different and worth exploring.  It is not as extensive as Bryce Canyon NP but we felt it was a worthwhile place to visit.  We arrived at lunch time and ate in the picnic area.  We headed out to Angel's Palace Trail which goes on top of a rock structure and provides great views of the area and gives you a good sense of the park.

Bryce Canyon National Park

In October, we visited Bryce Canyon National Park with our Cleveland friends, Jane and Charlie.  Bryce Canyon is amazing.  The park is on the side of a mountain with the main feature, hoodoos which are rock formations, on the east side.  We first drove out the park road and stopped at most view points. We hiked down into the hoodoo formations on several trails and we encourage you to do the same.

Review: Arches National Park, and Devil's Garden campground

In September, 2014, we took a trip to Colorado, Utah, and Nevada.  The first 2 weeks were in Colorado as part of a church mission trip and we stayed in an RV park.  Nothing exciting, mostly full timers.  We greatly enjoyed 2 days in Rocky Mountain National Park.

After that, we took a week to return to California through Utah and Nevada, and visited 4 national parks on the way back.


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