North Cascades National Park, May 27, 2018

North Cascades National Park is in north central Washington, up against the Canadian border.  It contains several recreation areas centered around its lakes.  We drove through the park on our way to Seattle, and spent the night at Newhalem campground which has nicely spaced sites.  There are a number of hiking trails available from the campground and also a walk to the National Park visitor center, which is a place we always visit when we are at


Olympic National Park, West side

After spending a few days at the north side of the park, we moved around to camp at Kalaloch campground, a really nice campground on the bluff above the Pacific Ocean near the southwest corner of the park.  We didn't know what to expect as it was a national park campground, which are always nice, but we had been camping in parks with hookups.


Mount Rainier National Park - Paradise

We are in Mount Rainier National Park with two of my sisters and a cousin and their families.  For the last 3 days, we have been seeing the park around Paradise.  What an appropriate name! We have also enjoyed seeing one sister's new property, 8 acres adjoining the National Park with two cabins up the hillside.  It's a lovely place and I am sure they will enjoy it for many years.



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