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Retirement is great.  We bought a travel trailer and are exploring National Parks.  (Actually, we bought one and sold it and bought a second one better suited to us.  It happens...)  And I have time to do some woodworking projects and things around the house.

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Ready for Blanquillo

We are ready for Blanquillo.  We store our trailer in our side yard off the left of the driveway.  The gate was 12 feet wide, and I was able to back our prior 16 foot long, 7 foot wide trailer into the opening to the side yard.  But could I do it with the new 19.5 foot trailer?  I wasn't sure as I have to make a right angle turn to back into the driveway then another right (left?) angle turn to get the trailer into its spot.  So I hired our handyman to replace our 12 foot gate with a 16 foot gate.  We used redwood, commonly available here in California.

Build photos week 3

Here are the photos I just received for our Escape.  It looks like it is completed and sitting in their storage area, waiting for us to pick it up.  We hedged and gave them an extra week in case there were any production delays, but it looks like that was not necessary.  So we will pick it up in about 2 weeks as planned.  It could have been sooner. Darn!

Our Build Sheet

When you order an Escape trailer, you receive a list of the standard equipment for the trailer model and a list of the optional equipment.  Yes, they build them to order and if you don't see what you want on the list, ask and they will probably add it to the build.  Where else today can you get a custom built trailer?  Probably on high end motor homes and some trailers, but this is the first I have run into on a main stream product.  Escape is a small manufacturer; they just completed their 1000th trailer, but they are growing fast.


Why "Blanquillo?"

We decided to name our new Escape 19 trailer "Blanquillo."  This is Spanish for "little white thing."  We originally thought about naming it "huevo nuevo"  as I like the alliteration, but I found that "huevo" means "egg" but also is often used for "ball" as in testicle.  That seemed too crude for us.  The Urban Slang Dictionary suggested "blanquillo" as an alternative, more polite term.


Review: Arches National Park, and Devil's Garden campground

In September, 2014, we took a trip to Colorado, Utah, and Nevada.  The first 2 weeks were in Colorado as part of a church mission trip and we stayed in an RV park.  Nothing exciting, mostly full timers.  We greatly enjoyed 2 days in Rocky Mountain National Park.

After that, we took a week to return to California through Utah and Nevada, and visited 4 national parks on the way back.

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