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Retirement is great.  We bought a travel trailer and are exploring National Parks.  (Actually, we bought one and sold it and bought a second one better suited to us.  It happens...)  And I have time to do some woodworking projects and things around the house.

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Lassen Volcanic National Park

We spent three nights at Lassen NP.  We stayed in Manzanita Lake campground.  We drove around the park every day as we explored it.  We hiked the three mile out and back to Bumpass Hell, and also to Mill Creek Falls.  The trail to Kings Creek Falls was closed for repair.  We enjoyed all of the volcanic related features.  The park has all four types of volcanoes and some obvious evidence of volcanic activity.

Features not to be missed: 

McArthur-Burney State Park

The park is actually McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park.  The highlight of this state park is Burney Falls.  It flows in two parts: over the falls, and through the rocks behind the falls, which gives it the unique curtain-like appearance.  This is because of the rock structure behind it.  This time of year, June in a dry season, the falls flow just fine but the stream that feeds it is completely dry a mile upstream from the falls.  The water comes through the gravel between two layers of volcanic rock.

June Dornbush Reunion

In June, 2015, we met my three sisters in Bandon, OR / Bullards Beach State Park for three days.  Bandon is just about half way between Seattle and Santa Rosa, and on the Oregon coast so it seemed like a good choice.  Our original choice was Umpqua Lighthouse State Park because they have "deluxe yurts" but they decided to repave the park and close the whole place!  So it was off to Bandon.'

Blanquillo is home

Blanquillo is home.  We picked her up on May 28 as scheduled, and went from Chilliwack, BC, to Larrabee State Park in Bellingham, WA, where we visited Jennifer's college roommate, Gayle.  Then we went to Camas, WA, where we spend two days with my sister, Susan, and also saw my other sisters, Anne and Linda.  We next went to Del Norte State Park, part of the Redwoods National and State Park ( an interesting way to manage natural resources ) and camped at Mill Creek Campground.  Then it was off to home, where we are now.

Why "Blanquillo?"

We decided to name our new Escape 19 trailer "Blanquillo."  This is Spanish for "little white thing."  We originally thought about naming it "huevo nuevo"  as I like the alliteration, but I found that "huevo" means "egg" but also is often used for "ball" as in testicle.  That seemed too crude for us.  The Urban Slang Dictionary suggested "blanquillo" as an alternative, more polite term.


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